Travel and learn as a family

Traveling and learning as a family is a highly recommended option and you have many options to carry it out.

We are going to give you some ideas and contacts so that you can plan your trip to Granada with the family, so that you all enjoy your stay in our city, together or separately.

In summer

Activities and camps for children and adolescents that will promote an intense intercultural experience and the best way to learn and perfect our language:

Alegre Orchard, Granada

Learn Spanish and flamenco

We have both Spanish and flamenco courses throughout the year. You can integrate into existing courses or we can organize tailored courses for the whole family.

Class on the terrace of the Carmen de las Cuevas School

One sabatic year

There are families who consider a sabbatical to disconnect from their routine and take advantage of it so that their children know another culture and another language.

From Carmen de las Cuevas we will give you a hand with the planning.
Travel and learn as a family


  1. I wish I could, I'm trying to plan myself, because I want to travel to take the flamenco scholarship with my 6-year-old son and my husband who is a guitarist. Let's see if they can integrate into something...

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