Teacher Training: Introduction to Teaching Spanish (ELE)

Teacher Training: Introduction to Teaching Spanish (ELE)

Teacher Training: Introduction to Teaching Spanish (ELE)

If you want to be a Spanish teacher. Both if Spanish is your mother tongue or if you have learnt it and want to teach it, this course presents to you the main aspects of teaching this language.

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rong>Starting dates: every Monday
Duration: 1,5 hours (90 minutes) /day - 7,5 hours per week - minimum 1 week - maximum 2 weeks
1 level: it is necessary to have at least an advanced level of Spanish (B2)
Maximum 8 students per group
PRICE: 112,50 € per week(if you book only one week, the price is 131.50€)

This course is designed for native or non-native speakers of Spanish that have studied or are currently studying Spanish philology and want to get an insight into the practical aspects of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Especially interesting for those who just graduated or are in their last year of studying as well as for those who have just some basic experience in teaching Spanish. For non-native Spanish speakers a minimum level of B2 is required.

The course consists of one and a half hour of daily instruction, Monday through Friday. Students are in classes of no more than 8 people for a minimum of one week and a maximum of 2 weeks.

The first day of classes the teacher will hand out the course content and decide, together with the students and according to their preferences, the most relevant or interesting pedagogical topics to focus on. Approaching the different themes by completing small homework assignments and analyzing them the following day in class all together will result in a very practical and interactive way of learning.

The course will place particular focus on:

  • Creation and programming of new materials.

  • Analysing of various didactic materials, their specific use and possibilities.

  • Providing practical and useful ideas for the preparation and development of a class.

  • Comparison of different ways and approaches to the activity of teaching.

  • Analysing the different elements involved in the teaching and learning of a foreign language.

  • Facilitate the access to didactic material and different databases in the internet.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn how to cope with specific problems that typically appear when teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

In addition to providing a wide range of theoretical and practical information regarding foreign language instruction, the school will also provide access to numerous pedagogical materials that are continually updated such as bibliographical information, textbooks, audio and visual resources, board games, DVD’s, internet and more.


The indicated holidays,there will be no class, but they are discounted from the final price.

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