reloj20px.png 10+8 classes of 50’ weekly

calendarioB25px.png Weekly - Three-month - Six-month

niveles20px.png 7/1 levels (Spanish / flamenco)

cita20px.png 8/12 students max. (Spanish / flamenco) / 1 min.

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10+8 classes of 50’ weekly

Weekly - Three-Month - Six-Month
Start every other Monday

7 levels (Spanish) from beginners A1 to advanced C1/C2
1 level (flamenco) absolute beginners. From week 5, if the student progresses adequately, they will go to the next level.

students max. / 1 min. / 4 on average per class - Spanish
12 students max. / 1 min. / 6 on average per class - flamenco
Guaranteed course! If you are alone in the level, you have 5 or 4 (Spanish or flamenco) individual classes for the same price.

No enrolment fee, no surprises in the final price.
1 week ➜ €224
1-11 weeks ➜ €185 per week
12+ weeks ➜ €171 per week

Monday to Friday


2022 ➜ 9:30 a 11:15 ⇆ 11:35 a 13:20
2023 ➜ 9:30 a 11:10 ⇆ 11:30 a 13:10
(one schedule or another depending on the week)


Weeks 1 to 4:
2022 ➜ 17:15 to 18:45
2023 ➜ 16:20 to 17:40

If progress is adequate, from week 5:
2022 ➜ 13:45 to 15:15
2023 ➜ 13:20 to 14:40

Center Accredited by the Cervantes Institute
Recognition with ECTS university credits, also for flamenco (+INFO)

Possibility of hybrid classes (face-to-face + online students)

Included in the price:

• Loan of textbooks.
• Materials and digital resources.
Access to facilities 7/7 from 9:00 to 22:45 (dance studios, patio, terraces with stunning views...)
• Flamenco Jam every two weeks (improvisation sessions).
Cultural program: 1 weekly visit to the city.
Wi-Fi throughout the premises.
Information on cultural activities, monuments, excursions...
• Certificate of attendance (on request).

Additional services:

Discounts in tablaos, shows, record stores and gifts.
Accommodation in student residence, apartments and families, at competitive prices.
• Weekend excursions to other cities and regions.
• Coffee and snack machines.
• Shop where you can buy Spanish books, flamenco shoes and skirts, t-shirts...

DESCRIPTION Spanish course

Designed for those who want to learn or perfect our language in an efficient and dynamic way. Taught by highly motivated teachers who like their profession and have extensive experience. It is aimed at students of any level of Spanish, from beginners to very advanced:

• Beginner (A1)
• Elementary I (A2.1)
• Elementary II (A2.2)
• Intermediate I (B1.1)
• Intermediate II (B1.2)
• Advanced (B2)
• Proficiency (C1/C2)

The method is designed to satisfy all communicative needs, from the simplest to the most complex, without forgetting a serious and clear study of grammar, essential in learning Spanish.

Semiintensive 10 is divided into two parts, taught by two different teachers and which will alternate according to the weeks:

9:30 - 11:10

11:30 - 13:10
Reflection and grammar practiceConversational practice

There is a very close relationship between the two parts that make up this course, serving the second class of conversational practice, to practice and consolidate the contents that have already been acquired in previous weeks in the first part. The first 15 minutes of each class are dedicated to reviewing and complementing the program, addressing possible deficiencies or gaps in any of the students in the group.

DESCRIPTION flamenco course

Aimed at all those people without prior knowledge interested in learning about flamenco dance, wanting to experiment and delve into this art. The participants will start in some of the styles that have a simpler rhythm, such as tangos or fandangos.

This initiation will be done through various activities: listening to recorded music to learn to recognize its rhythm and to accompany the music with clapping; making simple markings, taking a few simple steps of tapping, moving your arms and hands in flamenco style, and most importantly: learning a small exit and marking of the dance to the beat of the music.

The duration of this initiation level depends on the progress of the student, but as a guide it can be said that it is possible to do from one to four weeks, before moving on to the next level.

With this course you will have a first experience with flamenco, which for many has already become a true passion. For the first week of this course flamenco shoes are not essential, just comfortable clothes.

Every two weeks there is normally a change of teacher. You can check the teachers scheduled for the coming months in scheduled courses and schedules. The teachers who teach the classes are professional dancers with experience in teaching flamenco dance at different levels. You can see many of them perform in nearby tablaos where they work.

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