A gap year in Granada

If you have a sabbatical It is your great opportunity to change scenery, take a break, live the experience of your life and grow personally and professionally. It can be a year, a semester or even a quarter.

Granada It is a welcoming city that will make it easy for you to feel at home very quickly and at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas we welcome you so that you learn or improve your Spanish, your flamenco O The two! We help you make a plan according to your needs, including the topics of visa and accommodation.

What does our School offer you for your gap year?


No matter what level you have, we have the most suitable group for you; You can also prepare and take an exam to obtain a certificate that officially accredits your level of Spanish. The Spanish courses are combined with Spanish culture courses and also with the flamenco program.

Flamenco Dance

From initiation to professional, with artists that you can see perform in the many tablaos in the city, all of them with a lot of experience in teaching. Free access to dance studios to practice.

flamenco guitar

If you already play the instrument and want to know or perfect flamenco techniques and their application to accompanying dance and singing.

What does Granada offer you?

It is a medium-sized city with a significant student population that fills the city with culture and life. Surrounded by nature, with Sierra Nevada a few kilometers away and its ski resort, innumerable hiking and bicycle routes, climbing, etc. The beach less than an hour away and cities like Seville, Malaga or Córdoba that you can visit in the day.

You come with your family?

If you come with your partner and children, you have the possibility that the children enroll in a school very close to your accommodation and the school. For them it will mean learning the language in a natural way, an intercultural coexistence and an unforgettable experience.

Make your dream come true!

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