Can't travel?
Do you want to try our courses before making the decision to come?
Participate in our onsite courses from your home!

We have prepared our classrooms so that you can participate in face-to-face courses from your home. Come to Carmen de las Cuevas without traveling. You will feel here participating in a live class. We are already doing it and it works very well. Try it now for yourself!

Come to Carmen de las Cuevas without traveling!


Tutorials. Spanish in your living room. Designed for those who have specific needs and schedules; This way you can dedicate the time to what you need and you will have a teacher dedicated exclusively to you.

Given their nature, these classes are perfectly adapted to the level and real needs of each student. The teacher will be able to focus on those linguistic skills in which the student finds greater difficulties or has a special interest in developing.

If you are several colleagues, friends or relatives with a similar level and interests, you can do it together.