We have a new website!

We had been preparing it for a long time and it is finally published.

We wanted to make it easier and more intuitive, we hope we have succeeded.

We still have to polish and add content and we ask for your collaboration. Tell us what you miss, we are open to your suggestions.

What's New?

Combined Spanish and flamenco courses with significant discounts from the first week.

All prices from a bird's eye view, without surprises or additional costs.

budget iconYou can make your budget from the same reservation form for each course or service and see the discounts included for holidays.

Easier and faster reservation process.

The clearest schedules within each course.

Almost all the courses can be taken in a hybrid version (face-to-face students + online).

bed iconNow the accommodations are in the "Services" section.


  1. Hello!
    With great joy I have received this email with all the necessary information for the stay in Granada and the use of school. Thank you so much!
    I want to tell you that I have loved the days spent there and that I intend to repeat them next year.
    I'll get in touch later.
    Many greetings and a big hug to all.

  2. I went to school some years ago to polish up my rudimentary Spanish. I was going on a Tango holiday go Buenos Aires by myself. A woman traveling alone. I wanted to feel safe and socialize while there.
    I loved the course, stayed in a beautiful apartment at the school with fantastic views across Granada. The school is in a lovely part of town where I could practice my Spanish and try the local tapas. The teaching was excellent and I had great space to do my homework. I have such fond memories of my week.
    Needless to say my holiday in Buenos Aires was a great success. I danced the nights away and toured the area, all more enjoyable with my Spanish speaking.

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