Flamenco Compás Course (rhythm/claps)

6 classes of 50' per week
spread over four days
at any of these times:
11:55 a.m. to 13:10 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday
16:20 to 17:35 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
17:50 to 19:05 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
all schedules

Weekly (1-6 weeks)
I start every Monday.

3 Niveles, beginners, intermediate and advanced

12 students max. / 1 min. / 5 average per class
Guaranteed course! If you are alone in the class, you have 3 individual classes/week for the same price.


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Without registration fee, without surprises in the final price.

Possibility of classes hybrid (face-to-face students + online)

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• Flamenco
• Flamenco guitar
• Spanish (Intensive 20 o Semi-intensive 10)


Aimed at all those interested in discovering the mystery of the "compás" in flamenco. The beat is usually marked with clapping and the purpose of this course is to differentiate between the different styles according to their structure and to learn the technique of clapping, an essential instrument in flamenco in any of its manifestations.

The "compás" constitutes one of the points of union of the three fundamental forms of expression of flamenco: guitar, singing and dancing. It is an essential element in learning, understanding and performing this art. Flamenco is made up of different styles, which are called styles (fandangos, tangos, alegrías, bulerías…). The difference between them resides mainly in the rhythmic and melodic form of each one.

The teachers are flamenco professionals, guitarists, dancers or singers who know flamenco compás very well and have experience in teaching it at different levels.

Our school offers three different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The duration of each level can be from one to two weeks, depending on the progress of each student. The teacher will explain and show the rhythmic bases of the most common measures and the accompaniment with the palms will be learned through the different styles.

At the beginner level, the most basic palmas are learned in the main styles: tangos, soleá, alegrías, bulerías, seguiriyas, taranto, jaleos, fandangos... You learn to recognize the different styles by listening to the guitar. At the intermediate level, the most complex clapping bases, setbacks and basic auctions are studied. At the advanced level, setbacks are studied increasing speed, more complex spikes, ringing and double speed setbacks.