Why take out study insurance?

When planning a study trip, everyone prepares and reviews clothing, footwear, basic necessities and even school supplies so that nothing goes wrong during the course.

When traveling abroad, we have to take into account that no matter how well prepared we go, unforeseen events may arise that interrupt our course or affect our health, such as eating something in poor condition, drinking water that the body is not used to, even a An insect bite can have consequences that in your country would be easily solvable. Not to mention bigger problems than apart from affecting your health. They can also seriously affect your economy, such as a simple sprained ankle or a broken leg.

That is why IATI offers you a solution for these unforeseen events: the study insurance.

Apart from giving you the peace of mind of being able to travel knowing that you also cover the unforeseen, it offers you the security of knowing that there is a team of specialists ensuring that everything goes well and ready 24 hours a day to solve any problem anywhere in the world.

In the study insurance there is a section that people do not usually think about, but which is just as important as medical expenses, civil liability, which covers damages or losses that you may inadvertently cause to another person and that may lead to the payment of compensation this person or his family.

Important Note: If you come from a European country, the rate that applies to you is "Europe", but if you come from outside Europe, the United States or Australia for example, please consult the "World" rates.

Summary of coverages

Medical assistance

Medical assistance abroad (includes COVID-19) - €100.000

We cover medical and hospitalization expenses as a result of illness or accident during the trip. Including COVID-19. The PCR test for the Insured will be included in the event that one of the companions has tested positive while at destination.

Dental expenses - €350

We cover the expenses derived from emergency treatment due to the appearance of acute dental problems, such as infections, pain, trauma or as a result of an accident.

Chronic, pre-existing or congenital diseases - emergencies - INCLUDED

In the event of a vital emergency as a consequence of an unforeseeable complication of a chronic, pre-existing or congenital disease, we will take care of the expenses of a first medical assistance carried out urgently and within the first 24 hours from admission to the hospital. the hospital center.