Online hybrid flamenco guitar classes

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Learn and perfect your flamenco playing from home!

What options do you have?

A minimum mastery of the instrument is necessary, even if it is of other styles of music.

  • From Monday to Friday (Spain time):
    13:20 p.m. to 14:40 p.m. (beginners/intermediate)
    14:50 p.m. to 16:10 p.m. (intermediate/advanced)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 16:20 p.m. to 17:35 p.m. (Spain time)
  • Beginner/intermediate only
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (Spain time)
  • Only for intermediate/advanced

The perfect complement. Courses to learn the "cante" (singing), the structure of the dances, the "compás" (rhythm and clapping) or the history of flamenco.

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