How to get to Granada and to the school

Getting to Grenada

Coming to Granada is now easier thanks to the new AVE (high-speed train) station and the large number of direct flights to Malaga Airport or Granada Airport from a significant number of cities around the world.

To make it easier for you, we present here all the alternatives to come to Granada and take a course at Carmen de las Cuevas.

Fly to Grenada

These are the Spanish airports that may be convenient for you to come to Granada:

Transfer from the airport

The transfer is a private taxi organized by the School that takes you from the airport to your accommodation in Granada. The price is for a single journey. you can hire him is located here.

Go to Granada by car

Getting around in Granada by car is not easy, the historic areas are restricted to residents. However, it can be highly recommended if you are interested in visiting the province, which has a lot to see! Therefore, if you decide to come with your vehicle or with a rental, we recommend that you move around the city on foot or by public transport during your stay. You can leave your car in a car park and we recommend this to leave it for long periods. From the parking lot you can take a taxi or public transport to get to your accommodation or to Carmen de las Cuevas.

Go to Granada by bus

Highly recommended if you come from Malaga, Madrid, Seville or Almería. In  this link You have all the information about itineraries and schedules.

Go to Granada by AVE

It is especially recommended if you come from Madrid. All the information is located here.

Get to school

…if you take a taxi

Since there are two streets in Granada with the name “Cuesta de los Chinos” to avoid confusion, you should ask the taxi driver to take you to the “Placeta de Albaida” which is very close to the school.

…if you take the city bus

From the Plaza Nueva stop you can take buses C31 and C32 and you must get off at the Cuesta del Chapiz 60 stop (Placeta de Albaida) and go up the stairs that lead to Placeta Albaida. The first little street on the right is Cuesta de los Chinos and at number 15 is the School.