reloj20px.png 8+6 classes of 50’ weekly

calendarioB25px.png Weekly - Three-Month - Six-Month

niveles20px.png 1 level, beginner-intermediate

cita20px.png 8 students max. / 1 min.

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    8+6 classes of 50’ weekly

    Weekly - Three-Month - Six-Month
    Start every other Monday

    1 level: beginner-intermediate
    Students need to possess a basic knowledge of how to play the guitar of any style.

    students max. / 1 min. / 5 on average per class
    Guaranteed course! If you are alone in the level, you have 4 or 3 (guitar or rhythmic bases) individual classes for the same price.

    No enrolment fee, no surprises in the final price.
    1 week ➜ €221,50
    2 to 11 weeks ➜ €177,50 per week
    12+ weeks ➜ €142,50 per week

    Monday to Friday
    Guitar ➜ 13:45 a 15:15
    Rhythmic bases ➜ 17:15 a 18:15
    Guitar ➜ 13:20 a 14:40
    Rhythmic bases ➜ 16:20 a 17:20

    Possibility of hybrid classes (face-to-face + online students)

    ¡Combínalo con otros cursos!
    • Conociendo el Flamenco (cante, compás, estructura del baile o historia)
    • Español (Intensivo 20 o Semiintensivo 10)

    Included in the price:
    • Access to facilities 7/7 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (terraces with views, study rooms…)
    • Flamenco Jam every two weeks
    • Information on cultural activities, monuments, excursions...
    • Cultural program: 1 weekly visit to the city
    • Wi-Fi throughout the premises
    • Discounts in tablaos, shows, record stores and gifts
    • Certificate of attendance (on request)
    • Follow-up, personalized tutoring and final progress report and acquired knowledge (only for students who enroll in this course for 12 or more weeks)


    Combining these two courses will allow you to advance appropriately, studying all the techniques and learning falsetas, chords and rhythms of the different "palos" (styles). You will have the guitar class in the beginner-intermediate level course and also an hour expressly dedicated to practicing the rhythmic bases of each style. This level is designed for those students who play guitar in other styles and want to learn the techniques of flamenco guitar.

    Every day you will have half an hour of technique during the first class and the rest of the time to study some of the styles or "palos" of flamenco, which will change every two weeks. The correct placement of the hands will be studied, as well as the main ways of pressing in the right hand (supporting and pulling). There will also be simple exercises of arpeggios, picado, thumb, alzapúa, tremolo and "rasgueos". The next hour is dedicated to studying a specific palo every two weeks: tangos, fandangos de Huelv, alegrías, soleá, etc.; doing a study of rhythm, short falsetas and chords.

    The second class will be expressly dedicated to studying the rhythmic bases of the style that corresponds to those two weeks, to make the rhythm with the guitar; practicing the basic chords and the most common rhythmic variations, with their different strums. The "palo" that is studied every two weeks will be the same in both classes, in order to carry out a more complete study of each one.

    The teachers who teach them are professional flamenco guitarists, with extensive experience in teaching this discipline at its different levels. You can see all of them perform in various tablaos or nearby venues where they work.

    Students who enroll for 12 weeks or more will have their progress monitored by a tutor who will be assigned to them at the start of the course and who will advise on their progress and academic needs. At the end of the course they will receive a certificate of attendance along with a detailed report on their progress and an assessment of all the knowledge acquired.

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