Three-Month Spanish: Hispanic Studies

Three-Month Spanish: Hispanic Studies

Three-Month Spanish: Hispanic Studies

An intensive Spanish course of extended duration in the morning and culture classes in the afternoon: Spanish Culture or Literature.

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Starting dates: every other Monday
Duration: 4 hours of 60 minutes/day + ½ hour/day group tutoring - 20 + 2,5 hours/week - minimum 12 weeks
3 levels: intermediate II (B1.2) - advanced (B2) - proficiency (C1/C2)
Maximum 8 students per group
PRICE: 2520 € per trimester (210 € for each additional week)

During your three-months or more, you’ll take classes in Spanish every morning from Monday through Friday for three hours and then a class in the afternoon focusing on different cultural themes. In addition to your classes, you’ll be offered a half-hour daily group tutorial for each language level before the start of the first class.

In these three months you’ll gain a higher level of understanding and use of the Spanish language. To ensure your complete satisfaction, your learning will be closely monitored by a tutor assigned to you at the beginning of your coursework and he or she will be available for advice concerning your language-learning progress and academic needs. Depending on the level of Spanish you’ve reached, you may want to consider taking the DELE exam that will officially certify your ability in Spanish. At the end of the course you will receive an assistance certificate together with a detailed report about your progress and a valuation of the acquired knowledge, made by your tutor.

In the afternoons, you’ll be able to participate in different one hour classes offered by the school: Spanish Culture or Literature. Depending on your level of Spanish and your interests, your assigned tutor will suggest for you the different options available at any given time.



2019  public holidays: 28th February, 19 April, 1st May, 20th June, 1st November and 6th December.

There will be no class.

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