Super Intensive Spanish

Super Intensive Spanish

Super Intensive Spanish

Dive right into Spanish! Add a one-to-one hour to the Intensive Spanish course to have more time for what you really need.

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Starting dates: every Monday (except beginners: every other Monday)
Duration: 4 hours of 60 minutes/day + ½ hour/day group tutoring - 20 + 2,5 hours/week - minimum 1 week - maximum 11 weeks (for more weeks see Three-Month Courses)
7 levels: beginner (A1) - elementary I (A2.1) - elementary II (A2.2) - intermediate I (B1.1) - intermediate II (B1.2) - advanced (B2) - proficiency (C1/C2)
Maximum 8 students per group
PRICE: 312 € per week (if you book only one week, the price is 361 €)

Excellent for students who want to quickly improve their Spanish within a limited time. This course combines individual private instruction (generally between 13:45 and 16:30h.) with the Intensive Spanish classes allowing you a combined experience that will ultimately lead to a significant improvement in language ability.

In this program, students take a private class for one hour Monday through Friday combined with 3 hours of class in the Intensive Spanish Course. In the mornings, they take the group grammar and conversation classes and then, in the afternoons they study privately with their classroom teacher reviewing concepts that remain unclear or practicing exercises or conversations according to the students’ individual needs.

This Intensive Spanish Course consists of three hours of lessons Monday through Friday and half an hour daily group tutorial before class starts. After the tutorial, the first hour and a half of class is dedicated to grammar analysis and practice, followed by a thirty minute break, followed by the second hour and a half class focused on conversational practice. The link between the two classes is essential in that the conversation class serves to reinforce through relaxed, contextualized lessons the grammar contents introduced in the first class.


The indicated holidays,there will be no class, but they are discounted from the final price.

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