Vanessa Montero, flamenco dancer

vanessa montero


Flamenco to the core.

He started in the world of dance at the age of 9. She began her training at the emblematic Madrid Amor de Dios school, led by Carmela Greco, Belén Maya, Tomás de Madrid, La China, Manuel Liñán, Marcos Flores and Rafaela Carrasco among others.

She continued her training in Granada with Ana Calí, La Presy, Luis de Luis and Esther Marín, forming part of the latter's company in her show Ladrón de sueños at the Mujeres del Mediterráneo Festival.

In 2013 he traveled to Seville to be part of the Belén Maya company, performing at numerous festivals around the world and also at the 2014 Seville Biennial, with the show Los Invitados, which included José Valencia, Carmen Linares, Rafael Rodríguez and Manuel Linan, among others. There he continued his training at the hands of the Farrucos, Juana Amaya, Pepe Torres, Luis Peña, Carmen Ledesma and Concha Vargas.

He currently works at the tablao La Venta el Gallo, Tablao Albayzín and Los Jardines de Zoraya in Granada.

At a very early age he began to travel around the world to teach courses (Japan, Turkey, Italy, Russia...). She has extensive experience as a teacher.