Jesús Carmona, Flamenco

Jesus Carmona

He has taught master courses at our school, leaving his mark on our students.
Young dancer with original ideas and movements and important personality. He is part of the new generation of flamenco artists that mixes tradition and contemporaneity in just the right measure, which adds to his great technical virtuosity. A good and extensive training led him to be the first dancer of the National Ballet of Spain in 2007, to dance alongside Antonio Canales, Carmen Cortés, el Güito, Adela Campallo, Lola Greco, Olga Pericet and many other important flamenco artists. The Desplante award at the 2012 Festival de la Unión, its premiere at the 2012 Seville Biennial and finally the success obtained at the last Seville Biennial and the 2014 Jerez Festival end up making him one of the rising figures of current flamenco.