Jacob de Carmen, flamenco singer

Jacob de Carmen


Great connoisseur of singing and vocal techniques applied to flamenco.

Jacob, singer from Granada who knows the deepest styles, as well as the festive ones. He has performed in different clubs in Granada, Málaga, Almería, Córdoba, Murcia and some of La Mancha. He has also worked in France, Germany and Iceland, where he has made three tours throughout the country. He has worked in theaters such as Isabel la Católica, Medina Elvira (Atarfe), Calderón (Motril), Vico Jumilla (Murcia), Tjarnarbío Reykjavik (Iceland), etc... He has also toured numerous summer flamenco festivals throughout Andalusia and is part of the catalog of artists of the Provincial Council of Granada

He was a student of the great singer Antonio Gómez “El Colorao”, and the maestro Alfredo Arrebola. He has studied vocal technique for two years with teacher Marina Garzón, specialized in flamenco voices.

He has participated in several shows such as the one held at the Corral del Carbón (Granada and Lorca). He has also collaborated with his voice on several albums by other Granada artists.

In 2022 he will teach a flamenco singing course at the Casa de Porras University Cultural Center.

He currently works in different clubs and tablaos in Granada and in 2023 he presents his first solo album: From the fountain that I have drank.