Agustín Barajas, flamenco dancer

Agustín Barajas


The spell of Granada and his time in the zambras are reflected in his way of dancing.

Dancer and choreographer, he was born in Granada in 1988. At the age of 8 he entered the Mariquilla Flamencology Chair, which he considers one of his teachers. Shortly afterward he became part of his flamenco show. At the age of fourteen, he became the company's first dancer along with Tatiana Garrido, with whom he made several tours touring countries such as Venezuela, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Morocco, as well as various Spanish cities. His way of dancing reflects his time in the zambras, where Curro Albayzín gave him his first opportunity.

He has a Higher Degree in Dance from the Malaga Conservatory, specializing in Choreography. He continues his training with dance and choreography professionals such as Antonio Canales, Rubén Olmo, Javier Barón, Manolo Marín or Manuel Betanzos among others. He also trained at the CAD Andalusian Dance Center in Seville.

Notable is his Spanish representation at the age of 11 in the international competition “Bravo Bravísimo” held in Milan, Granada representative of dance in the 2010 Desencaja competition, First Prize in the Young Promising Competition of the Granada Provincial Council. Second prize in the flamenco dance competition at the Jerez Festival in 2020. As well as his participation in several festivals in various countries. He participates with a solo presentation at the Shanghai Universal Expo within the Spanish Pavilion. She toured the Provincial Council of Granada in 2010, as well as a tour throughout Argentina in 2019 with “Fuego y passion”.

Choreographer and dancer of the popular Canal Sur TV program “Se llama Copla” for 5 seasons, being one of the popular faces of the network and conducting an extensive tour with more than 50 concerts performed. From 2019 to 2021 he is part of “A tu vera”, a talent show on the Castilla La Mancha Television Channel, as a choreographer and dancer. He makes three of his own productions: “Entre copla y flamenco” “A mi aire” and recently released in 2020 “Bailo a Lorca de Noviembre a Noviembre”.

He also has extensive experience teaching flamenco at the Mariquilla School and the Seville Art and Flamenco Center, among many other places.

Currently he continues his professional career and works regularly in flamenco tablaos in Granada such as Alboreá, Albayzín, Casa del arte Flamenco, La Soleá or Cueva la Rocío.