Patricia Guerrero, flamenco

Patricia guerrero


Daughter of our flamenco teacher Maricarmen Guerrero. Very young, as a child, she was a student and eventually ended up teaching master courses at the School. Carmen de las Cuevas.

She convinces wherever she goes, she never stops evolving and represents one of the greatest values ​​of current young flamenco.

Since Patricia Guerrero from Granada won the Desplante award at the Festival de la Unión in 2007, she has not stopped conquering new theaters and always with overwhelming success. In it, old flamenco, refined technique, an unstoppable creativity that makes her look for new forms and that elegance and sweetness that dazzles her audience merge.

After her time as a prima ballerina with the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, she won the Giraldillo 2012 for the revelation artist. In this year, 2014, there is an important advance in her career, bringing her own show to the Seville Biennial. In 2016 she obtained a second Giraldillo, this time for the best show of the Biennale for her work “Cathedral”.

She is currently the director of the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet.