Jose Fernandez, guitarist

José Fernández


He knows how to use his great knowledge of cante, listened to since he was a child, to give the keys to the accompaniment

Son of singer José Fernández. He began playing in Granada at the age of 9 under the guidance of José Carlos Zárate, to continue later with Ramón del Paso. His beginnings were made with his father, José Fernández, a renowned flamenco singer with whom he learned in depth the accompaniment of singing, as well as his history. At the same time, he complements his learning with dance accompaniment and guitar courses with Gerardo Núñez, Manuel Silveria, Niño Severa or Miguel Ochando. In 2009 he won the 1st Prize for Flamenco Guitar in the contest of the Diputación de Granada.

He has participated in festivals throughout the peninsula, highlighting Murcia, Madrid and Córdoba. He currently works in flamenco tablaos in the province such as "El Templo del Flamenco", "La Alboreá" or "Le Chien Andalou", among others, where he accompanies artists such as José Cortés el Indio, Sergio Gómez "el Colorao" or Pilar Fajardo por quote a few He is also professionally dedicated to teaching flamenco guitar in all its versions (soloist and accompaniment to dance and singing) and levels.