guitar teacher

Jorge El Pisao


His sympathy and wisdom will make you enjoy each class.

You will want to repeat…

He began playing the guitar in Almería at the age of 10, led by José Rodríguez Pintor "El Sarapio". He continues his training by receiving classes from various teachers such as José Manuel Cano, Paco Cortés, "El Entry", Emilio Maya and José Luis Montón. Throughout his career he has performed various shows in Italy, France, Finland, the Czech Republic, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Russia with various artists such as Victor Castro, Lidia Valle, Silvia Lozano, the Romero Sisters, etc. He has also participated in different fusion shows with Arabic-Andalusian music, his own group "Malas Juntas" (fusion with rock, funky, reggae) and currently combines his flamenco activity with the group "Palo Cortao" together with jazz musicians and music bulgarian

He tours Russia with David Sorroche, Raimundo Benítez and other artists several times a year. He has also taught guitar courses in countries like France or Russia. In 2012 he presents his first show "Noches de Madera" at the II Festival de las Cuevas in Sacromonte. He is the regular guitar teacher at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas since 2005, where he teaches classes at all levels, as well as compass courses.