Carlos Camacho, flamenco dance teacher at the Carmen de las Cuevas School

Carlos Camacho


He is passionate about transmitting his art and knowledge.

Carlos Camacho was born in Jaén, where he took his first steps in flamenco at the age of eight. At seventeen he began professional flamenco dance studies at the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory in Granada. In 2015 he was a finalist in the “Desencaja” contest and a dancer in a choreography created by Antonio Canales, produced by the Granada Music and Dance Festival.

Between 2016 and 2020 he completed his professional studies in dance pedagogy at the María de Ávila Conservatory of Dance in Madrid; She was doing internships at the Carmen Amaya Professional Dance Conservatory in Madrid. She combines her studies with professional work in different tablaos, such as Las Carboneras and Café de Chinitas, among others... Also during this time she teaches technique and choreography classes in different schools in said city.

In 2017, she won first prize in the Choreographic Competition of the Community of Madrid, as a dancer in a choreography by Guadalupe Torres.

In 2021 she works as a dancer and soloist in the Madrid Flamenco Ballet and in the Cristina Hoyos Dance Company.

In 2023 he moved to Granada and began working in different tablaos such as La Soleá, Alboreá or Jardines de Zoraya, while at the same time beginning to teach courses at Carmen de las Cuevas at different levels.