Build your own flamenco stage

Build your own flamenco stage to rehearse and for your online dance classes.

We will give you the simplest solution to make a platform of approximately 60cm x 120cm. Simply place a board of pressed DM wood (or also called MDF) on top of a rock wool panel on the floor, it is enough to dance. Rock wool acts as an absorbent insulator for the impact noise that is transmitted through the structure of the building and also acts as a shock absorber so that your joints do not suffer so much. A more homemade solution is to put several layers of some old carpet instead of rock wool, it is not as effective but it is worth it.

We chose this size (120cm x 60cm) to make it easy to handle and also because these are the usual measurements for insulating panels, but you can adapt it to the measurements you see fit, for example you could put two rock wool panels and above a 120cm x 120cm board.


  • The DM board must be only one piece since if it is in two or more pieces, being on a soft surface (rock wool) a small step is formed between the boards when there is more weight on one than on the other. There are solutions for large spaces, it is about what is called counterbalancing the boards.
  • No try to fix the board to the ground with screws or other means, that would imply an acoustic bridge that would significantly worsen the insulation and give the flooring undesired rigidity.

Essential materials:

Rock wool panel:
  • from 30 to 50mm thick and 60cm x 120cm (or the measurements that are sold in your area)
  • Density: between 90 and 150 Kl/m3

Mdf board (or also called MDF) of 16mm (approx.) of the same measurements as the rock wool panel.

Recommended materials:

  • Fine fabric to cover the rock wool panel
  • Fine felt carpet "fair" type
  • Double-sided tape or adhesive "Velcro"
  • duct tape


These other items are to improve the system.

The fine fabric is to cover the rock wool, to prevent it from crumbling and to facilitate its handling. You can wrap it and hold it with the duct tape.

The fine felt carpeting is to significantly reduce airborne noise. We do not have enough experience with this option, but we have verified its effectiveness in reducing noise, as you can see in the video. It would be placed on top of the DM panel and so that it does not move you can stick it with double-sided tape or if you want to be able to remove it and put it on, put Velcro on the sides.

To be able to make turns and not move, you will have to experiment by putting more or less double-sided adhesive tape.

If you decide to put Velcro on it, it should only be on the sides because it is thicker and would bother the shoe.

Another option is to put a vinyl floor, in any case they are surfaces that will deteriorate quickly and will have to be replaced with some frequency.

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