Flamenco Dance Professional Training Program

Flamenco Dance Professional Training Program

Flamenco Dance Professional Training Program

If your goal is to be a professional flamenco dancer and you have an intermediate or advanced level, you should choose this program. A three-month program dedicated to flamenco dance in body and soul.


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    Starting dates: 

    • 26th September to December 16th 2022
    • 9th January to March 31st 2023
    • 3rd April to June 23rd 2023
    • 10th July to September 29th 2023
    • 2nd October to December 22nd 2023


    • 180 hours of 60 minutes of technique and choreography.
    • 40 hours of courses to get to know and deepen the rhythm, the structure of the dances and the flamenco singing.
    • 6 hours of individual tutoring focused on solving and consulting doubts.
    • 6 hours of Flamenco Jam with a dance, guitar and singing teacher for improvisation and practice of steps and choreographies.
    • Live guitar and singing accompaniment.
    • Free dance studios for practice (including weekends)

    For advanced level only prior selection test:

    • Present your own choreography at the Muestra Internacional de Baile Flamenco that takes place at the Peña de la Platería at the end of each program.
    • Dance at the flamenco tablao La Alboreá within the usual program together with local artists.

    2 levels: intermediate and advanced.

    12 students max. per group


    This programme is aimed at dancers who wish to dedicate themselves professionally to flamenco dance.

    For three months, you will be able to study flamenco dance with three hours a day of technique and choreography classes. In addition to these three hours of dancing, you will have eight more weeks of "Knowing Flamenco" courses: rhythm, dance structure and singing. Every two weeks you will have an individualized practical tutorial of one hour with one of the dance teachers. Every two weeks you can also participate in an improvisation session (flamenco jam), with a dance teacher, guitar accompaniment and singing.

    Every day from Monday to Friday, you will have three hours of flamenco dance. An hour and a half dedicated to the technique of dance and another hour and a half to studying the specific choreography of a flamenco style or palo, which will change every two weeks. In this way you will be able to cover a wide variety of styles.

    During the technique class, different exercises are done every day to warm up, tap, markings, turns, twists, twists, arms, hands, and balance and positioning of the body. All the elements involved in the dance are practiced, without the need to learn a complete choreography. Normally different dance phrases are worked on for different flamenco styles: alegrías, bulerías, seguiriya, etc. Sometimes recorded music is used to perform the exercises.

    Every two weeks you will learn a different choreography for one of the most common flamenco styles. Depending on the level, some sticks are worked or others. At the intermediate level, we usually study dance for alegrías, soleá for bulerías, bulerías, jaleos, fandangos, tientos, tangos or seguiriya, among others. In the advanced level it is possible to study any style, but the most common ones are: alegrías, soleá por bulerías, caña, seguiriya, martinete, soleá, taranto, tientos, farruca, tangos, bulerías, jaleos, fandangos, guajira or rondeña, among others.

    Special importance is given to studying the rhythm and style of each palo, its character and the way in which each dance is performed, as well as the relationship with the guitar and the vocals.

    You will start at the appropriate level, intermediate or advanced. If you start at the intermediate level, you will be able to change to the advanced level whenever your tutor deems it necessary.

    All advanced students have the possibility of taking a selection test, in which they are chosen to participate in the show that takes place at the Peña de la Platería at the end of the course. In this show, each selected student will be able to present their own choreography, for the preparation of which they will have the support of their tutor.


    All accommodations are close to the school, maximum 15 minutes walking distance.


    Suitable for those who do not need much privacy and want to share the house with other students. Composed of 2 to 4 bedroom apartments, where the kitchen and bathroom are shared with other students. They are fully equipped (kitchenware, washing machine, some kind of heating, sheets, blankets...) and all expenses are included (electricity, water, gas...).

    You can choose between a single room or a double room. The reservation of accommodation in a double room refers to the reservation of a place in a room with two beds. If you come alone and choose a double room, we will put you next to another student of the same sex. If you are coming with another student and you want to share a room, each of you must indicate this in the registration form.

    If you need the two beds in the double room for yourself because you are coming with another person who will not be a student, please specify this in the registration form.


    This type of accommodation is the most appropriate for those who need more privacy and do not want to share the house with other students. They have a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The apartments are designed for one or two people.

    They are fully equipped (kitchenware, washing machine, some kind of heating, sheets, blankets, towels...) and all expenses are included.


    Same as above but what distinguishes these apartments from our other apartments is their unique location and the views you can enjoy from them.


    This type of accommodation gives you the opportunity to live with a local family and get to know the local customs and food. The room is single and you can choose between the half board regime, which includes breakfast and a midday meal (around 2:30pm), and the full board regime, which includes breakfast and two meals, at lunchtime and in the evening (around 9pm).

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