Guitar Accompaniment for Flamenco Dance and Singing

Guitar Accompaniment for Flamenco Dance and Singing

Guitar Accompaniment for Flamenco Dance and Singing

Discover all the secrets to accompanying flamenco dance and singing. If you already have an intermediate/advanced level on flamenco guitar, you can also learn all the resources you will need to accompany flamenco dance and singing.

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Starting dates: every other Monday
Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)/day - 5 hours per week - minimum 1 week - maximum 11 weeks (for more weeks see Three-Month Courses)
1 levels: intermediate-advances
Maximum 8 students per group
PRICE: 80 € per week (if you book only one week, the price is 99 €)

This course is focused on the analysis and understanding of the form of flamenco dance and singing. Every two weeks the rhythm, melody and harmony of a different "palo" (style) is analyzed. Students will learn how to recognize the timing of heel taps, calls, silences, lyrics and "falsetas" (small variations on the original melody) of a dance, and where each part goes for that specific palo. In this course you will learn the most important aspects of flamenco guitar accompaniment, and find answers to any question you might have about the hardest part of flamenco guitar. It combines a more academic study of the subject, analyzing the music, and a more traditional approach, encouraging learning through immersion in flamenco. Both video recordings and live dancing and singing will be worked with. Students must have an intermediate/advanced level of flamenco guitar, as well as a basic understanding of the palo that will be covered those weeks, in order to participate. Another option is to combine it simultaneously with the Intensive Guitar Course.


Each day, the students will work with selected recordings of flamenco dance and singing, so as to put the techniques they learn into practice. It is important that the students come prepared, having watched dance and heard singing by the palo corresponding to those weeks. The course will take place the following way:

  • Rhythmic and harmonic analysis of each palo. In the rhythmic palos, the point in the beat where the chord changes will be analyzed too. Harmonic and melodic analysis. In the free palos, the moment to change chords attending to the singing will be studied.
  • The falsetas that each student has learned before will be used to enrich the singing. Students will practice the particularities of each palo, such as legatos, strumming techniques and other important elements.
  • The structure of the different dance styles will be analyzed: calls, heel taps, silences, lyrics and falsetas. Where each goes in the song and how to recognise them.
  • Students will learn different ways to call with the chords, strum and heel tap and how these can be used to enrich the dancing. They will also learn the hints that help tell each palo apart such as the chord progressions, ways to keep the beat, etc.
  • Either with CD, DVD or live dancing and singing, each student will have to apply what they have learned through the week.

There might be a change of teacher every two weeks.


TIMETABLE Guitar Accompaniment

2019  public holidays: 28th February, 19 April, 1st May, 20th June, 1st November and 6th December.

There will be no class, but they are discounted from the final price.

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