Understanding Structure of Flamenco dance ONLINE 5 lessons/week 5x60'

Understanding Structure of Flamenco dance ONLINE 5 lessons/week 5x60'

Understanding Structure of Flamenco dance ONLINE 5 lessons/week 5x60'

For flamenco dancers and guitarrists. You will understand how a dance is structured, which parts form it and how can they be ordered, a course with which you will discover important keys, both if you dance or play the flamenco guitar. Try one out for free!

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    This is NOT a flamenco dancing course. It is a theory course with practical components to learn about and understand the structure of flamenco dance. You will watch videos with live commentary where the different parts of a performance are explained and get notes on how to dance or accompany with guitar or singing.

    • 1 hour per day (monday to friday)
    • Duration: 1 week per module.
    • Minimum students: 2
    • Maximum students: 12
    • Starts every Monday
    • It is necessary to have at least an A2 level of Spanish
    • Bookings: until Thursday of the previous week
    • Price: 60€/week
    • Try it out! If you don't like the first class, you get your money back!

    This is a course designed for all those who are eager to unravel the many different styles of flamenco! As theoretical class, it is aimed specifically at dancers, guitarists, singers and anyone interested in understanding the structure of each distinct flamenco style. Each flamenco style combines different elements in different ways, so anyone who aspires to perform or accompany flamenco dance, will need to have a fundamental understanding of these combinations. Throughout the course each traditional flamenco structure will be explained and a demonstration of how each individual dance is designed and arranged will be given. At the end of this class you will have acquired the necessary knowledge to understand different flamenco styles. We use audio-visual support to aid with the learning of these diverse techniques. The course consists of four distinct class modules. Each module is one week long and can be taken individually or combined in any order. We do however recommend you combine your module(s) with a dance, guitar, technique or compás class. The four modules are structured in the following way:

    • Module 1: Structure of thes Alegrías (salida del cante, letras, silencio, escobilla, castellana y bulerías de Cádiz).
    • Module 2: Structure of the Soleá (letra de soleá, letra de soleá por bulerías, letra de caña, escobilla y bulerías).
    • Module 3: Structure of the Tientos y el Taranto (salida del cante, letras y tangos).
    • Module 4: Structure of the Seguiriya (letra, escobilla, martinete y macho).
    • Module 5: Estructura de Ida y vuelta (guajira: introducción, letras, escobilla y formas de cerrar)
    • Module 6: Bulerías (Cádiz. Jerez, Lebrija, Utrera, Sevilla, Málaga); Jaleos (Extremadura) y Abandolaos.
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