Flamenco levels guide

These indications on the necessary practice time to enter each level are only indicative and can vary greatly, depending on the abilities, age and ease of learning of each person, as well as the time dedicated daily to practice. Based on our experience, we always recommend choosing a lower level, when in doubt. 



Aimed at those people who have never danced flamenco and want to have a first approach to this art.


Aimed at those people who have already received flamenco classes for a few months or a year, so they already have a minimum experience of zapateado and coordination of movements. For students who have little experience, we recommend taking the technique courses first and then the choreography courses.


Designed for those who have danced for at least two or three years regularly and have already mastered the basic foot technique in zapateado. It is possible that they have already danced some tangos, alegrías or bulerías, or even that they have only played one of these palos.


Those people who have already danced regularly for at least five or six years should register at this level. Normally the participants have already danced quite a few different styles, being able to pick up new steps quickly. At a minimum they must have already danced tangos, alejas, soleá por bulerías and bulerías.



To enroll in this level, no prior knowledge of flamenco is necessary, although you do need to have played classical guitar or other styles with some regularity, at least two years. Therefore, you must master the tuning of the instrument, major and minor chords, ligados, simple arpeggios; as well as having some basic notions of rhythm in general. All executions must be performed with the fingers (without a pick).


At this level you must know the technique of the alfapúa, picado, tremolo, basic rhythms such as soleares, tangos, alegrías and bulerías, as well as some falsetas of each style.



Destined both for those people who have no prior knowledge of flamenco, in any of its facets, and for those who are starting out in this art, be it with the guitar, dance or singing. We recommend starting with this first level of compás for all beginner or intermediate students, both dance and guitar.


This level is intended both for those students who have already completed the first level of compás at our school, and for people who have already acquired the first notions of the rhythms of the basic styles of flamenco and are able to distinguish them and accompany them with the simpler palms.


This level is intended for both those students who have already taken the intermediate level compás course at our school, and those who have acquired through other means a medium level of knowledge about the rhythms of the most basic flamenco styles, are capable of accompanying with simple clapping and they are already beginning to experience some setbacks and drumbeats.