Paloma Fantova

Paloma Fantova

“Her dancing has mystery and a spark” -Antonio Canales. Her spontaneity with dance excites and convinces.


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Born in Puerto Real(Cadiz) in 1989. She started dancing at the age of 4, accompanied on the guitar by his father, Manuel Fantova. When she was just 7, she took the role of lead dancer in Bailaor y Raíz, a performance by Antonio Canales. With 8, after winning a talent show in TVE, she performs in Madrid’s Palacio de Congresos with Rocío Jurado and José Mercé. At the age of 9 she danced with Farruquito in Homenaje a Farruco. She then takes part in Antonio el Pipa’s Generaciones, as lead dancer. In successive years Manuela Carrasco takes her on her Japan tour and she performs in important theatres around the world such as New York’s City Center, Paris’s Champs Elysées, London’s Sadler Wells or Seville’s Maestranza.

In 2011 she collaborated with Joaquín Cortés as invited artist in his performance Calé. That same year she leads a performance in honor of Carmen Amaya in Barcelona’s Teatro Coliseum. In 2012 she presents Sensibilidades, a performance of her own. In September of that year she participated in the Bienal de Sevilla. That same year and during 2013 she takes part in Tomatito’s performance and tours Spain, Europe and America with him. She continues to perform Estado Puro and to participate in important festivals.


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