Isabel Daza

Isabel Daza
At the vanguard of education. Lover of music and poetry, she will convey her enthusiasm for culture to you.

Spanish teacher

BA in Spanish Language, Literature and Linguistics by the University of Granada in 2008. She obtained her DEA (Diploma on Advanced Studies) in 2011, making her doctorate about the Catalonian intellectual Federica Montseny. She has undertaken multiple research papers, diving into the work of women such as Rosa Chacel and her relationship with avant-garde literature or Violeta Parra and the study of folklore in the cultural framework of the 20th century. Teacher by vocation, she specializes in teaching ELE, taking on a great number of courses and seminars. She acquired her accreditation as a DELE(A1-C2) examiner from the Instituto Cervantes. She has worked as a teacher for ELE in schools and universities in Granada and Barcelona. She participated in the first DigitalLingua congress, broadening her capacity for teaching in a digital environment, and also went to the Encuentros Prácticos of Editorial Difusión in Barcelona. In 2014 and 2016 she held a master class in the first and second FLECOS festival. Nowadays she focuses her interest on the particular relationship between the folklore of flamenco and avant-garde poetry (with authors such as Federico García Lorca, José Val del Omar and Miguel Hernández and the reinterpretation of their work by flamenco singer Enrique Morente). She has been a teacher at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas since 2014, giving classes for every Spanish level, culture courses, Hispanic literature and DELE exam preparation.


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