Sergio el Colorao

Sergio el Colorao, singer

His sensitivity, voice and wisdom will help you understand the beauty of flamenco cante.


Sergio Gómez “El Colorao” has drank from the purest of Flamenco since his early years like his father, Antonio Gómez “El Colorao”. Sergio has performed with his father in numerous Flamenco Peñas and festivals in Andalucia from the tender age of 6 years old. By the time he was 10 he was performing in collaboration with other future stars of flamenco in his group Oyana that shared the stage with remarkable artists such as Remedios Amaya and Raimundo Amador and La Susi. As time went by Sergio began to branch out and establish himself as a solo artist singing pure flamenco with a modern element for many well respected dancers in Granada. To add to Sergio's credit he performed in famous tablaos as Casa Patas and Cardamomo Club, Madrid in collaboration with legendary artists Los Chunguitos, Pepe Habichuela, Guadiana, or Ramón “ El Portugués” as well as distinct flamenco events as the Bienal de Sevilla, “Más Jóvenes Más Flamenco” just to name a few.

Sergio's success in the flamenco world continued when in 2007 he participated in the contest of the Unión and was honoured to receive awards for Soleá and Vidalita and again in 2008 for Farruca. In the same year, Carmen de las Cuevas was privileged to have such a prestigious flamenco singer to join the flamenco family to teach flamenco cante to aspiring flamenco singers. Sergio has collaborated with many musicians in Flamenco, Classical and Jazz, such as Sergio Pamies, Rubén Dantas and Diego Amador "El Churri". He has recorded several collaborations with inspiring artists and is currently finalizing the recording of his first album. His knowledge of classic songs and his playing have earned him a place of honor among the young flamencos in Granada.


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