Marcos Palometas

Marcos Palometas, flamenco guitarist

You will be surprised by the sensibility and cleanse of his touch.


He starts playing the guitar at the age of ten with his father. He was later taught by other guitarists of his neighbourhood such as Jorge Gómez. He later goes to Madrid to take classes from the master guitarists “El Viejín”. He continues to learn to this day, with courses like the one he took with Manolo Sanlúcar in Córdoba in 2005. In 2003 he participated in the performance “Un, Dos, tres. Faa…” by Mario Maya, presented in the Festival de Jerez 2004. He has performed in many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Morocco, Mexico or Russia among others. .

Nowadays he combines his flamenco performances with collaborations with artist of other genres like jazz, pop, blues or house. He works in several tablaos and peñas in Granada and Tarragona. He has accompanied great artists such as Patricia Guerrero, Juan Ramírez, Marina Heredia, el Tortas, Parrita or Belén López among others. He has been on stage with artists like Antonio Canales, Conchi Heredia, el Pele, Calixto Sánchez, Potito, Diego Amador or Tomatito. In 2003 he received the Manuel Cano award and in 2010 the Club Costa award in Granada. In Carmen de las Cuevas he sporadically gives guitar courses and he artfully accompanies the advanced and intermediate dance classes.


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