Jara Heredia

Jara Heredia, flamenco dancer

She doesn't miss a thing!


Born in the Sacromonte quarter in Granada, she started dancing at the age of eight taught by the great dancer Pilar Heredia. Her art was formed as a pupil of Angustillas Ruiz, Juan Andrés Maya, Maite Galán, Manolete and Eva Garrido "La Yerbabuena". Besides performing in different shows of the flamenco dancer Juan Andrés Maya, she performed in José Heredía Maya's "Macama Honda" and together with Ana "La China" in Portugal.

In 2001 she is asked to perform in the well-known Casapatas, in Madrid, together with artists like "La Truco", Antonio Solera, Toni Maya, Luis Mariano, etc. and she participates in the VII Festival Internacional de Música Gitana in Parvoosa (Finland), together with her flamenco troupe "Venta del Gallo". Her art can be admired daily in the tablao flamenco "La Venta del Gallo" with which she tours Europe. She currently dances at the flamenco club "La Venta del Gallo" with which she has toured various European countries.

In 2013 she presents "Por tu ausencia" in the III Festival de las Cuevas. Jara makes a strong impact and she is a talented and wise dancer.In class, she watches each of her students very carefully in order to try to find the best formula to improve their movements.


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