Iván Vargas

Iván Vargas, bailaor flamenco

Ivan demonstrates flamenco in its purest form.


A young dancer from Granada, born to a flamenco family in Sacromonte, Ivan took his first dance steps in the cave "El Rocio" under the guidance of the Maya family. He belongs to a veritable dynasty of great dancers, such as Juan Andrés Maya, Mario Maya, Manolete and Juan Maya “Marote”. At only 4 years, he was already well known by the public through appearances in various television programs and, later on, through dancing daily in "El Rocio".

He has taken part in a wide range of stage performances with his uncle Juan Andrés Maya, notably in the Bienal de Sevilla in 1992 and in "Muerte en Granada" (Death in Granada) with "Fura dels Baus" along with Javier Latorre and Beatriz Martin. Also outstanding are his performances in the 2004 Festival de Jerez with the Company Mario Maya, and with Estrella Morente in the Granada Music and Dance Festival that same year.

His talent was recognized at the Festival de Cante de las Minas de la Union 2005, where he was a finalist in the dance competition "El Desplante Minero". In 2012 he stars for the first time in the II Festival de las Cuevas with his performance “Yo mismo”. At Carmen de las Cuevas he teaches occasionally advanced classes.


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