Esther Marín

Esther Marín, dancer

You will enjoy every minute of her class. She will impress you with her strength and her sense of rhythm.


Esther Marín started to dance at the age of 8. She entered the stage when she was 12 at the tablao “Las Conchas” and danced in festivals in Cáceres and Badajoz. At the age of 16 she became a teacher at a dance academy in her hometown. She moved to Madrid when she was only 18 and continued her studies at the dance academy Amor de Dios. La Tati, Carmen Cortés, el Guito and Manolete were among her teachers.

She travelled to Japan when she was 18 with the company of Tito Losada. In 1993 and ‘94 she toured Holland with the company “Cuadro Flamenco”. In 1995 she toured Europe with the company of Luis de Luis and travelled to Israel to participate in the III International Festival in Palestine. In 1996 she participated in the music contest Certamen de Música del Siglo XX in Gijón and became a member of the company of Mariquilla. She performed at the Ist Festival de Rosario in Argentina with artists like Enrique Morente, Miguel Ochando and Manuel Parrilla. She presented her first own show “Ladrón de Sueños” (“Thief of dreams”) at the festival “Mujeres en el Mediterráneo” (“Women in the Mediterranean”).

n 2006 she performed in tablaos in Madrid like Casa Patas. She travelled to Japan three more times performing at Sala Andaluza with artists like Luis de Luis, Mercedes Ruiz and Rafael del Carmen. She now works in several places in Granada and has carried out sporadic courses in Carmen de las Cuevas at the advanced level since 2012.


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