Raimundo Benítez

Raimundo Benítez, Dancer

He will impress you with his personal, vibrant and direct style.


Young dancer from Granada who starts dancing when he was 6 years old in María Teresa Rojas' flamenco and classical spanish dance academy. We later completes his education with teachers such as Mariquilla, Manolete, Javier Barón, Rafael del Carmen, Alfonso Losa and Tacha González. In 1996 he starts his proffesional career joining Mariquilla's company, performing in her Neptuno night club and touring both in Spain and elsewhere with the companies of Tatiana Garrido, Mariquilla and Curro Albayzín.

In 1995 he starts teaching and working in the tablao flamenco "La Venta del Gallo" in the Sacromonte. In 2002 he participate in the "Festival Flamenco del Corral del Carbón" together with La Moneta and he presents his own performance, "Enclave de Sacromonte" in La Chumbera. In 2003 and 2004 he studies in the "Estudios Escénicos de Mario Maya" centre, being taught by important flamenco figures and getting selected for the "Compañía Granada Flamenco Danza" that presented his performance "Un, Dos, Tres.Faa..." in the "Festival de Jerez". He continues to participate in important festivals of different countries together with important figures.

In 2005 he joins the "Mario Maya" company with which he performs in important theatres around Spain, participating aswell in the "Bienal de Sevilla". In 2007 he works in important tablaos flamencos of Madrid and he collaborates with the "Juan Andrés Maya" company. In 2008 he travels to different countries with the "Flamenco Amari" company and he continues collaborating with important figures of flamenco. He now takes part with the "Venta del Gallo" troupe and teaches in Carmen de las Cuevas at the advanced levels.


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