Maricarmen Guerrero

Maricarmen Guerrero, dancer

Her patience and extended experience as a teacher turn her into one of the key teachers of our School.


Born in the Albaicín neighbourhood in Granada, cradle of great figures of Flamenco, she feels the passion for Flamenco since she was a kid. She starts her artistic career very young, acting in several tablaos and flamenco performances. She possesses the title of Cathedratic in Flamencology. She has taken classes with masters of Flamenco such as Manolete, Mariquilla, La Presy, Adela Campallo, Pastora Galván and Manuel Liñan among others, as well as Patricia Guerrero, her own daughter, to whom she taught Flamenco dancing as a kid and who now is a greatly recognised figure in Flamenco. She directed the Albaicín <> dance group with which she carried out several choreographies for performances in Granada. She possesses great experience in teaching Flamenco.

In 2011 she participates together with the rest of teachers at Carmen de las Cuevas in the performance "Todo el Carmen", presented in the I Festival de las Cuevas. Since the year 1992 she teaches technique and choreography in Carmen de las Cuevas to beginner and intermediate students.


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