Estefanía Martínez

Estefanía Martínez
Her way of moving the body and enriching flamenco with classical and contemporary elements will captivate you.


Estefanía was born in Mallorca and started dancing on the island. In 1998, she worked with a company of flamenco and classical Spanish dance in Morocco for 3 months. She moved to Granada in 2003 and began her studies at the Centro Flamenco de Estudios Escénicos Mario Maya, becoming a member of Mario’s company as well. In 2004, her dance has been showcased in such festivals as the Festival de Jeréz. She also danced with the Compañía Andaluza under the artistic direction of Cristina Hoyos at the Granada summer festival in the Palacio de Carlos V in the Alhambra and at the Bienal de Flamenco in Seville.

A few years later, she moved to Madrid, where she worked in various tablaos as Casa Patas and performed in various solo shows for several years, including “Otelo” and “En Rojo Vivo” by Mariano Cruceta at the dance festival Madrid en Danza, as well as the festival Los Veranos de la Villa. At the same time she gave flamenco and dance lessons at Fundación Casa Patas and other dance schools. In 2007 she travels to Japan where apart from teaching Flamenco she performs at the tablao “Alma de Flamenco”.

In 2009, she comes back to Granada, where she worked in various places like the tablao flamenco Venta del Gallo in the Sacromonte area and the school Carmen de las Cuevas, where she teaches advanced levels. In 2012, she presents her first show “Fémina” at the II Festival de las Cuevas in Sacromonte. Estefanía’s style is unique, since she fuses classical and contemporary dance with the purest and most female flamenco.


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