30th anniversary 1984-2014

We're already 30 years old!

Time flies...! It seems unlikely but here we are. Still enjoying our work, teaching Spanish and flamenco. We have grown a bit, become professionals, but without losing our identity. We aren't in our twenties anymore, at least not us who started this exciting project to which many have joined to form the great family that is Carmen de las Cuevas.

From the intensive Spanish courses to the walking and biking, the intensive flamenco courses, the rural stays, the Spanish associations, 'Instituto Cervantes', 'Veranos Flamencos' in Granada, the Three-Month Spanish courses, the 'Festival de las Cuevas', the Academic Flamenco courses, the Albaicín associations, the 'Asaltos de Danza' in the museums, to Carmen de las Cuevas flamenco company and 'Báilame'...

We want to share our experience with you, our good memories and our future projects...


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