How to get to Granada and the School

The School lies between the two historical quarters of Granada, Albaicín and Sacromonte, surrounded by whitewashed houses and with spectacular views of the Alhambra and Albaicín.

If you fly to Madrid,

you can catch the subway in the airport to "Méndez Álvaro", where the bus station "Estación Sur de Autobuses" is and where there are frequent buses to Granada; or to "Chamartín" or "Atocha", if you want to take the train to Granada.

If you fly to Málaga,

you can catch the airport bus or train, both of which will drop you near the bus station in Málaga, where there are buses to Granada every hour between 7:00 and 21:00h. (until 22:00 on Sundays).

Once you are in Granada...

...if you arrive at the airport,

you can take a taxi or the airport bus (which will drop you in the city center at the stop next to the Cathedral).

...if you arrive at the bus station,

You can take a taxi for around 10€ or the SN1 urban bus to the Avda. de la Constitución stop. From here you will have to walk forward a bit to Triunfo square and there take the LAC urban bus to the Cathedral stop (Gran Vía), in the city center.

...if you arrive at the train station,

You can take a taxi for around 7€ or go to the Andaluces stop and take the LAC urban bus towards the city centre to the Cathedral stop.


... if you are arriving by car on the roundabout “Circunvalación”

you take the exit to “Méndez Nuñez” and go straight on, crossing 3 main avenues. After crossing the third avenue you follow the green signs to “Albaicín / Sacromonte” which bring you uphill taking the "Carretera de Murcia". The last sign makes you turn to the right to enter the neighbourhood of the Albaicín. Once you have turned to the right you will see an access control sign, which forces non residents to turn to the left taking the street "San Gregorio Alto". You take this street which ends at "Plaza Cruz de Piedra" and "calle San Luis", where you can search for a parking place. To come to the school by foot from there you just have to follow the street "San Luis" which changes name in the last part to "Vereda de Pinchos" and brings you directly to "Cuesta de los Chinos". Turning your head to the left, at number 15, you will see the sign for the school.


To get to the school...


...if you come by bus,

you can catch a little red bus number C1 from "Plaza Nueva" or "Gran Vía" (the Cathedral stop). Once in the Albaicín you must get off at the stop of "Placeta de Albaida" from where you go up "Cuesta de los Chinos" and in the number 15 we'll be waiting for you.

...if you take a taxi,

as there are two streets in Granada with the name "Cuesta de los Chinos" and in order to avoid mistakes, you should ask the taxi driver to take you to the "Placeta de Albaida" which is very close to the school.

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