In 1984 Carmen and Nacho founded “Carmen de las Cuevas” as the first Spanish school for foreigners in Granada to teach the world all about their passions: Flamenco and Spanish. And starting as young entrepreneurs to leading a renowned Spanish and Flamenco school has been a long and exciting path. Many things have changed since then… and according to those who come back… for the better!



Carmen Linares

Academic Director

Carmen programs the courses and organises the groups you’re going to study in, both for flamenco and Spanish, and she coordinates the academic labors of the School. If you have a problem in class, if you think your study program should be adjusted, you want to take more classes, or you want to change your accommodation, whatever you might need… talk to Carmen, she is usually available and will do all she can to make sure you enjoy your stay.



Nacho Martín


Although Nacho is constantly busy working on improving anything he comes across. He will always stop for you and with the same commitment take care of your needs. School representative in a myriad of forums and associations and DELE coordinator for FEDELE, which implies a very close contact with Instituto Cervantes.



They slowly broadened the Carmen de las Cuevas team to keep up with the quality and familiarity of the first days.


Mónica Capella

Marketing and Administration Director

She belongs to the management team together with Nacho and Carmen. Marketing, mailing, website, brochures, trade fairs, special offers, coordination of the office and interns... She is a communication wizard who keeps students, prospective students and alumni up-to-date, and comes up with uncountable ideas to offer the best choice.


Miguel Raya


Miguel Raya and Fernanda Barragán


It is thanks to them that you’ll find the School and accommodation clean and well maintained. They take care of every detail and are equally at your disposition for anything you need.




Estrella Soennichsen

Enrollment and information

From wherever you come Estrella will dispel all doubts you might have, before coming to Granada. You can communicate with her by email or phone in Spanish, English, German, Danish, Italian or French and she makes sure you find the course and accommodation that suits you most.




Our team of Spanish teachers has high academic qualifications together with huge experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. A compact group that maintains constant communication, so as to appropriately apply the syllabus of the School.



We count with a great team of flamenco teachers. In addition to their long and proven experience in education, they are local artists of prestige who you’ll be able to see in several establishments such as tablaos, taverns or festivals depending on the time of the year you are coming in.



We are each independently proud, as part of the Carmen de las Cuevas team, of making sure with our effort that the School remains the place where our students dream of coming back to.


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