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Flamenco guitar classes in Granada

Learn flamenco guitar in Granada with great teachers

At the Carmen de las Cuevas school we offer you the best flamenco guitar classes in Granada with leading guitarists and in a unique environment.

Learn flamenco guitar in Granada with great teachers.

Click here to meet your future flamenco guitar teachers.

Have you seen all the experience and art they have? Now you too can learn and perfect this wonderful instrument with good company.

In addition, you will be able to see them perform in different tablaos or nearby venues and live the experience first-hand, enjoying their art beyond the classes.

Different levels of flamenco guitar classes in Granada

We offer different levels of classes, from beginner/intermediate level to perfecting technique and style for advanced level guitarists.

Of course, a minimum command of the instrument is necessary, even if it is in other styles of music, so that you can get the most out of the training.

All our courses are intended for you to obtain general and fundamental knowledge of flamenco guitar.

The beginner/intermediate level is aimed at students who know how to play the guitar in other styles and want to know the techniques of flamenco guitar.

For its part, the intermediate/advanced level is aimed at people who already know the flamenco guitar and want to continue perfecting technique, learning new styles, and discovering the techniques of accompaniment to dance and singing.

Check our level guide to know which level best suits you.

Below you can access all the information related to each of the available courses:

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Due to our wide range of courses, it is normal that you may have doubts about which one best suits your needs.

To help you choose the course you need, contact us without obligation and our team of expert advisors will advise you.


Benefits of studying flamenco guitar at our school in Granada

There are many benefits you get from studying flamenco guitar at the Carmen de las Cuevas school. These are the most notable:

  • Personalized classes for adults 18 to 50+.
  • 8 students maximum per class and an average of 6.
  • Highly experienced teachers, very motivated and highly prepared.
  • We are in the Historic neighborhood in a unique building, with caves, terraces and magnificent views.
  • Free access to the studios to practice and to school for 7/7 students.
  • flamenco jam every two weeks (improv sessions)
  • WiFi for free.
  • Tracking and personalized tutoring.8

Complete your flamenco guitar course

To understand flamenco guitar in depth, you must know flamenco in all its facets, also in depth, singing, dancing, compás (rhythm) and history.

These courses complement those of flamenco guitar:

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