Flamenco Dance Professional Training Courses

40 years of passion for flamenco: Professional flamenco training courses in Granada

International Flamenco Dance Exhibition, Peña de la Platería

This year, the Carmen de las Cuevas School celebrates its 40th anniversary, four decades dedicated to cultivating the art of flamenco. Since our founding in 1984, we have seen thousands of male and female dancers pass through our studios, many of whom have taken their art to international stages.

The Carmen de las Cuevas School, located between Albaicín and Sacromonte, neighborhoods with deep flamenco roots, is a magical corner where flamenco comes to life; where tradition merges with innovation to create a unique experience in the world of flamenco dance.

Professional Flamenco Dance Training Courses

We are proud to present two exclusive professional training courses aimed at dancers with advanced levels, with interest in devoting themselves professionally to flamenco dancing.

  • Intensive technique and choreography classes.
  • In-depth study of compás (rhythm) and flamenco singing.
  • Theoretical sessions to understand the structure of the dances.
  • 6 individual tutoring classes for personalized development.
  • Improvisation sessions to apply the knowledge acquired.
  • Opportunity to present your own choreography at the International Flamenco Dance Exhibition at the end of the program at the prestigious Peña de la Platería.
  • Possibility of performing in a well-known tablao in Granada within the usual programming.
  • Intensive technique and choreography classes.
  • 4 individual tutorials to prepare a choreography.
  • Presentation of the choreography in a prestigious tablao in Granada together with professional local artists.
Tania dancing at the Flamenco Palace

Successful results:

male and female dancers in prestigious tablaos

It is noteworthy that many of the participants from previous editions of our professional courses now work professionally in tablaos in emblematic cities such as Granada, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as in their countries of origin; carrying with them the essence of flamenco that they have perfected in our school.

scholarships available

We want to facilitate access to our training, which is why we offer scholarships of fifty percent of the cost for the Flamenco Dance Professional Training Program. The selection is made through CVs and videos that we request from applicants, giving them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the professional world of flamenco with financial support.

International Flamenco Dance Exhibition at the Peña de la Platería
Performances by participants in the International Flamenco Dance Exhibitions at the Peña de la Platería

Sign in www.carmencuevas.com for more details on courses, start dates and scholarship application process. Join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary and discover how the Carmen de las Cuevas School can be the springboard for your professional career in the fascinating world of flamenco.

Flamenco dance class

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