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Do you wonder what kind of students come to this school? What characterizes our students?


is what best defines the profile of our students, due to the variety of age, gender, origin... always adults, over eighteen years of age. Although the average is between 20 and 40, we also have quite a few students aged 40 and over… and some between 18 and 20.

La mix of nationalities and cultures

is surprising, and as we teach flamenco in addition to Spanish, a significant percentage are Spanish speakers.

We must emphasize that we only work with individual and minigroups because we believe that large groups would alter the atmosphere of the school.

The student from Carmen de las Cuevas has a Open mentalitypositive attitude, you are excited about our culture and feel curiosity for what surrounds you. Many stay for several months and integrate seamlessly into both the school and town communities.

One in three students has already been to school before and there are many who repeat almost every year.

Can you imagine the amount of bonds of friendship that have been established in all these years? We know that many of them still exist. The stay in our school and the contact with our culture, has meant for many of our students a before and after in their life path.

Have you ever been to Carmen de las Cuevas?
Do you have any friendship experience that you want to tell us about?
Anything that surprised you about the school environment?
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