DELE diplomas: all you need to know

DELE 2015, 17 april

Obtaining a DELE diploma is, as of now, the best way to certify your spanish level. DELE diplomas are internationally recognised by education institutions both private and public, Chambers of Commerce and businesses.

In a great number of countries, DELE diplomas complement the different evaluation systems used by universities, teaching centres and educative authorities in general. They make work promotions easier to come by and allow access to the educative system, both in Spain and in every country where they are implemented.

Granada at hand

Find interesting plans for your stay in Granada.

A youthful city full of contrast and history, Granada has much to offer all year around, day and night.

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What does it mean to be a Cervantes Accredited centre?

Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres

Its the only international accreditation system for centres teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

It guarantees constant development and quality in teaching, facilities and every service offered by the school.

Our Flamenco Company:

teachers on stage

Báilame: Carmen de las Cuevas Company

Our flamenco Company has the objective of creating a creative space for our teachers to further develop artistically.

Remarkable and talented students are also given a chance to go further.

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Nuestros profesores de flamenco y sus cursos

Flamenco Teachers and courses

Aquí puedes consultar los cursos que imparten nuestros profesores de flamenco.

¡Reserva tu curso con tu profesor preferido!

Los horarios de los cursos de flamenco

Flamenco timetable

Estos son los horarios de los cursos de flamenco.

Vamos programando con algunos meses de antelación los contenidos y los profesores.

Planifica con tiempo.

Flamenco Master Courses: Veranos Flamencos de Granada

Flamenco Master Courses

Cursos magistrales de baile con los mejores maestros. Cada año podrás disfrutar cuatro semanas diferentes en verano, aprendiendo con importantes figuras del flamenco actual.

Centro Acreditado Instituto Cervantes
Español en Andalucía
Asociación Escuelas Español Granada
Festival de la Lengua, la Cultura y el Ocio de Granada
Prestigo Turismo Granada
Consejo Internacional de la Danza (UNESCO)
Asociación de Empresarios del Albaicín y Sacromonte
Asociación de Cuevas de Andalucía
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